pasta dough

Cavatelli Crank

I am addicted to devices that extrude or shape pasta and I tend to buy them the second that I see them. Cavatelli is a type of shaped pasta, meaning “small pasta shell” that is shaped like mini hot dog buns with ridges. You can use a traditional egg or flour pasta dough, but the most common style of dough for cavatelli is a ricotta dough.  You can buy the cavatelli crank on Amazon and they are very affordable.


Pasta Dough

Since I am in Italy I figured I might as well post a recipe that I know by heart and love to make. Pasta is so versatile and is much better when its made at home.  The key to a good pasta dough is durum flour, which has a very high gluten content, allowing the dough to stretch without tearing.  Durum is usually only available online and at some high-end stores that probably charge too much, Nuts Online is a good place to buy some that isn’t too expensive.

7oz Durum Flour
1ea Egg
4ea Egg Yolk
1t Olive Oil
1T Milk

•Place the flour in a bowl and make a well in the center, this can also be done on the counter.
•Add the egg, yolks, olive oil, and milk to the center of the well.
•Mix ingredients by hand until incorporated then knead on the counter top until smooth.
•Wrap the dough well and refrigerate until needed, a minimum of an hour to allow the dough to rest.
•Roll the dough with a pasta roller and make your choice of pasta by cutting it with a knife or filling it and making tortellini or ravioli.  You can also run the pasta dough through a cavatelli crank.