Huckleberry Confiture

With huckleberries in full season it is time to make some preserves! Huckleberries have such a nice tart and savory flavor to them that you do not want to hide it with too many ingredients. This recipe is a very simple and straight forward confiture(preserve) that uses palm sugar for its subtle sweetness and the hint of fruit that it lends.

Huckleberry Confiture

3C Fresh Huckleberries

1.5T Palm Sugar

1/2T White Sugar

1t Apple Pectin

12ea Stems of Lemon Thyme tied in a bundle

1T Sherry Vinegar

  • Tie your thyme in a bundle to make it easier to remove when the confiture is done.
  • Combine the huckleberries and the palm sugar, place over low heat and let simmer for 30 minutes.

  • Combine the white sugar with the pectin and mix well, the combination will allow the pectin to dissolve and not clump.
  • Add the sugar and pectin mix as well as the bundle of lemon thyme and simmer for another 30 minutes on very low heat.
  • Add sherry vinegar and simmer a few minutes more.

  • Check the consistency by spooning a small amount onto a frozen plate, if the confiture is not firm then continue to cook. Check consistency regularly until thick.
  • Refrigerate until cool before use or keep warm for ice cream.

The finished confiture will hold its shape and still be soft and spreadable, this recipe yields a tart jam and you can certainly add more sugar to your liking.  When used warm it creates a wonderful sauce on corn cakes.

Seasonal Huckleberry Pâté

Another pâté to add to the collection, this one has some seasonality to it with the huckleberries. Fresh huckleberries have been popping up in the past few weeks and they are delicious. You can certainly use frozen huckleberries from the previous season or buy a bundle and freeze them yourself for future culinary endeavors.

I used the same base recipe from previous pâté ventures, but I made some small changes. The biggest change was the protein, we had a mass amount of pigs this summer, therefore, the protein was changed to pork. The pork that I had was very lean so I added some chilled pork fat. The liver will remain as duck, and the same general spices will be used. The addition of lobster mushroom powder will add some earthiness, not that it needs a lot more, and the huckleberries add a nice savory fruit note that can mellow the salt quite a bit. The last item that was added were hazelnuts, we recently started buying hazelnuts from a local roaster in Eugene, OR by the name of Evonuk Oregon Hazelnuts. They deal mostly in wholesale but their products are not to be passed up. Their hazelnuts are carefully picked and are very consistent, they have a very nice floral note that I have never tasted in a hazelnut.

Pork Pâté with Hazelnuts and Huckleberries

2.75# Pork shoulder

5.55oz Duck Liver

1.5oz Pork Fat


1/2C Diced White Onion

2T Chopped Garlic

1.4oz Salt

1.4t Black Pepper

.6t Pâté Spice


2.75T AP Flour

3ea Eggs

1/2C Brandy

.6C Cream


1T Lobster Mushroom Powder (we made this after our first large shipment of lobster mushrooms, any type of mushroom powder will work.)

4C Hazelnuts

2C Fresh Huckleberries

  • Follow the same process as the duck pate using your new recipe above.
  • You will hand fold the huckleberries, mushroom powder, and hazelnuts in after you have added the panade and mixed the forcemeat in the mixer.