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AKulinary Innovations has officially opened its online store!   As an added bonus you can get 10% off all of our gluten-free baking mixes and our purposeful gluten-free flour, until the end of November, by sending us a friendly email.  Be sure to check out our recipes for the holidays, now go get your gluten-free bake on!



GF Pizza Dough

After much trial and error we have finally developed a pizza dough using our gluten-free flour!  The whole time we were trying to develop our bread flour we were looking in the wrong place.  I dug up an old recipe for pizza dough that I used at a family style pizza shop in Boulder Colorado.  With a few minor adjustments we were able to develop a beautiful pizza dough that is extremely functional as a bread at the same time.  The original recipe was only slightly changed, the only original ingredients that were changed were the oil and the addition of baking powder.  When we added the original amount of oil the dough would not stick to itself, which is understandable.  The baking powder is to help with rising as it bakes.  This is because gluten-free flours don’t have the ability to trap the gasses from yeast as well as wheat based products do.  To sum it up we truly have a product that can be used as a direct replacement for wheat flour, and with a little knowledge in cooking small adjustments can make a big difference.  Now go get yourself a bag of our GF Flour, mix up a batch of GF pizza dough, and enjoy the better things in life!photo 2 (2)


GF Apple Crisp

The Northeast is full of apples and when my fiancee came home with a dozen or so freshly picked apples from a field trip at school, I knew it was time to get another great gluten-free recipe together.  This apple crisp is great for the holidays and even better in the summer when berries in the Northwest are a plentiful.

photo 2 (2)

Life in the North East

Its been two weeks now since I left Oregon and officially moved into my apartment in Springfield, Mass. and I need to get back into the kitchen in the worst way.  I figured I would take the rest of September off to give myself some time to recuperate and learn everything I could about the food of the North East to prepare for my next job.  After writing a few sample menus and not having much luck with the job search I started to think about what I am really looking for.  At first it was to just get a job as a line cook or sous chef and spend more time on my business.  Then, it hit me, after two interviews I knew exactly what I wanted, I want to work in another establishment that has the desire to have the same high standards for food that I do. It is too hard for me to settle for something less than what I have already done. The city of Springfield is starting to grow on my as I explore more of the area.  While I continue my search for work I am going to start clearing out my cell phone photo album, why is this relevant?  Of the 150 pictures on my phone 90% are food pictures, specials that I ran during the summer but had very little time to share them with everyone, 2% are pictures of books that I want, and 8% of my lovely fiancee.  So, until I find a job I will be posting recipes for the specials that I made over the summer.


Bite of Oregon Round 2

Round two ended with a little bit of a surprise, we were defeated by our opponent. It was a rough loss but we have learned a lot about competing and what we were able to accomplish in 30 minutes. The loss was humbling and a little frustrating, and when you need to know your judges more than the food, I was at a disadvantage.  Personal preference should not be an area that judges are allowed to judge.

Our secret ingredient for this round was beef shoulder clod.  The shoulder clod is found in the lower neck or upper shoulder area.  Best way to cook shoulder clod is by braising, we cut steaks out of it making sure to cut against the grain to ensure a tender steak.

The clod is something that I have not had the chance to work with but over the past few years I have been butchering down whole animals enough to be able to figure out how to cut a decent steak out of cheap cuts of meat.  Once cooked we sliced the steak to ensure the judges had a tender piece of beef each time, the one thing I feel I did wrong was to not set the sliced meat on a paper towel to allow the juices to be soaked up.  With limited time to rest the steak, the juices leached out onto the plate.

Secret Ingredient: Beef Shoulder Clod
Shoulder clod steak with gnocchi parisenne, Gruyere, pickled fennel and rhubarb, oyster mushrooms, and a red wine sabayon.